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  • 27th juin
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Back to the Future

While most people simply admire old photos, Irina Werning is more interested in how people would look and feel if they were to reenact them today. Several years ago, she started to ask people to go back to their past and recreate a moment in time – even down to the exact body positions and facial expressions! I’m so impressed that I am inspired to recreate one of my childhood images…

(images by Irina Werning)

  • 23rd juin
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Modern Art in the Historic Palace of Versailles
The Palace of Versailles has about everything a French royal could ever ask for, even a giant shoe sculpture made from steel pans and lids. From June 18th to September 30th, you can see it for yourself at this famous French chateau.

Old and new world collide at the Palace of Versailles in France. Expansive modern sculptures created by Joana Vaconcelos grace the lawn and halls of the French royalty’s lavish former pad. Juxtaposed with the environment, these massive installments create a stark contrast with the rococo decor, and the results are shockingly beautiful. Here a couple of mine favorites to gorge your eyes upon.

  • 22nd juin
  • 22

Artistas dão novas caras para as tradicionais cabines de telefone inglesas

A British Telecom resolveu dar uma chance para artistas redecorarem as tradicionais cabines telefônicas inglesas, no projeto BT ArtBox. Alguns artistas criaram estampas diferentes enquanto outros transformaram a cabine em algo totalmente novo, como um sofá e um mini jardim. O projeto foi parte do vigésimo quinto aniversário da Childline, uma ONG que oferece conselhos para jovens através do telefone. As cabines vão ser levadas a leilão e o dinheiro arrecadado vai ser doado. Confira o resultado!

(Source : hypeness.com.br)

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  • 9th juin
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Kari Herer‘s Prints

Foxes and insects and rabbits, oh my! Succulent blooms and critters of the woods are united beautifully in Kari Herer‘s still lifes. They’re so delightful, I’d love to walk past a series of these prints in my hallway everyday.
Kari Herer prints $30

  • 8th juin
  • 08

Coffee Art

Não deu uma vontadezinha de tomar café? Então aproveite o restinho do frio no final de semana pra tomar seu café, chocolate quente, capuccino…

I hope everyone had a great week!

  • 7th juin
  • 07

Craig Alan art!

Pessoas, será?
Craig Alan pinta as “pessoas” em sua tela. A realidade é bem simples, ele desenha os pixels da imagem utilizando forma humana.

  • 6th juin
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  • 4th juin
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Martin Klimas - What Music Looks Like, 2011

“Like a 3-D take on Jackson Pollock, the latest work by Klimas begins with splatters of paint positioned on a scrim over the diaphragm of a speaker. Then the volume is turned up. For each image, Klimas selects music—typically something dynamic and percussive, like Stockhausen, Miles Davis or Kraftwerk—and the vibration of the speaker sends the paint aloft in patterns that reveal themselves through the lens of his camera.”

Top, L-R:

1. Miles Davis

2. Paul Hindemith

3. Pink Floyd

4. Kraftwerk

5. Charlie Parker

6. Grace Jones

7. J.S. Bach

(Source : likeafieldmouse, via frecklebread)